This is where we draw attention to our current various special offers. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible in order to make Wild Ferns products more accessible. Regardless, we try to surprise you with different discounts occasionally. 


Our ongoing discounts include:

  • Collecting points. By registering, you have already gained 500 points. In addition, you will gain 400 points if you also subscribe to our newsletter. Even if you purchase a product without a discount, you will receive the amount of points which corresponds to 1% of the gross price of the product, after it has been delivered. The points expire after 120 days, so we suggest that you them up in that timeframe. The points can be used for the purchase of any product (even discounted), but the delivery fee cannot be paid with it. 
  • Gift. Those who have already subscribed to our newsletter have the opportunity to choose a gift product sample for purchases over HUF 20,000. 
  • Free Delivery. Delivery is free of charge to FoxPost parcel machines in Hungary for orders over HUF 20,000. Delivery is free of charge in Hungary for orders over HUF 30,000.
  • Final Amount Discount. In case your order reaches HUF 50,000 you will receive an extra 2% discount. If your purchase reaches HUF 100,000 you will receive an extra 5% discount on the total amount. 


Our occasional discounts are the following:

  • Free delivery coupon. In case you write a review about the purchased product on our the web store, we will express our gratitude with a free delivery coupon! This opportunity is valid until December 31, 2021. 
  • Products' discount can be seen on the main page


The promotions listed on this page are not valid for our resellers and customers with special agreement.