Why did we start selling products from from New Zealand?


The explanation is actually very simple. A couple of years ago we went to New Zealand. The flight was so long and exhausting that when we arrived I could not turn my head and my back hurt a lot. Of course, we did not have any creams as we only had the most necessary things to carry on this long journey.


Our first accomodation was close to a spa bath. We could hardly wait to bathe in the hot thermal water. After 20 minutes we were surprised to find the spa already has done wonders for our rigid joints and sore muscles. After half an hour, all of our pains have passed and we began to discover this wonderful country completely fresh. After these incredible experiences, we bought some mud creams, and, as we proceeded with our trip we bought some local products such as Manuka honey creams and cosmetics. Naturally, the remaining products were brought home and we all used it. When we run out, we realised we were missing these tried and true cosmetics. We tried to make up for it with other skin care products, but nothing compared. We realised that the cosmetics we loved had no counterpart on the domestic market, even though we were sure others would love these products just like we did.


We realised this was our mission: to provide such great-quality products for everyone, with raw, highly effective materials that cannot be found in Europe. Not just from a cosmetics aspects, but also for regeneration. Not long ago both of my mum’s hands had to be operated. After the surgery we gave her Manuka honey hand cream and the wound on both hands improved at record speed. This strengthened our mission to make sure these products are available to everyone.

Wild Ferns - environmentally free packaging

Environmentally free packaging

Wild Ferns - natural ingredients

Natural ingredients

Wild Ferns - paraben free

Paraben free


Wild Ferns - mineral oil free

Mineral oil free

Wild Ferns - not tested on animals

Not tested on animals

Wild Ferns - SLS free

SLS free