The Perfect Facial Skin Care Routine

28/03/2021 19:00

In order for your skin to stay healthy and beautiful, it is essential to develop a daily skin care routine, as it is not enough to simply use a hydrating cream periodically. To find the right products, we first need to determine our skin type. Depending on the goal or the problems we are struggling with, we may need additional products, but the basic skin care routine should always be the same.


While the morning and evening skin care routines may differ somewhat, it is important to take a few minutes out of our busy schedule to care for your skin both times and go through the most important steps every day.


1. Cleansing

We must start each morning by removing the sebum and any cream residue accumulated on our face during the night. One of the best ways to go about this is to use our Manuka Honey Refreshing Facial Wash. Due to its foamy texture, it removes impurities from our skin gently and effortlessly, while its natural ingredients refresh the facial skin. In addition, the product smells especially pleasant.


2. Eye Cream and Serums

After cleansing, it is especially important to hydrate the eye area after a certain age. Our Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Refining Eye Créme is the perfect product for this purpose. While the rosehip-, borage-, wheat germ- and hazelnut oils soothe the skin and relieve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, vitamins A, C and E provide high levels of antioxidants that promote collagen production. For the rest of our face, we can apply different serums, if necessary, but we can leave this step for the evening as well.


3. Hydration and skin protection

Towards the end of the skin care routine, we will also need a high quality daycream. Our Manuka Honey Replenishing Day Créme contains premium contains premium certified manuka honey (80+) and it is rich in essential fatty acids for instant hydration. In addition, it contains chamomile, which soothes the irritated skin for a healthier, brighter complexion. Afterwards, it is recommended to use a 50-factor sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful effects of sunlight as well.


Our evening routine should differ from our morning skin care, as we should apply a night cream which has a higher active ingredient content. For this, we recommend our Manuka Honey Ultra Enriching Night Créme. Of course, we do not need to use sunscreen in the evenings.

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