Facial cleansing: when, why, and with what?

07/11/2021 19:00

Conscious skin care starts usually when people are teenagers. With the appearance of the first blackheads and acne, most of us feel pressured to get our hands on our very first facial care products. However, as the years go by, our shopping list also starts to change. Unfortunately, we can buy all kinds of effective and expensive cosmetic products, but if we do not know enough about skin care, they will not be able to help. We must always keep in mind, that facial cleansing is the most important step in skin care.

When is it necessary to clean our facial skin?

Thorough facial cleansing is recommended both in the evening and morning. However, it is not recommended to overdo it, as it can have a similarly harmful result as if you forget to use a facial cleanser regularly. In the morning, cleansing is important because the skin detoxifies at night and the pores get filled with waste products, not to mention the remnants of the evening moisturizer and even the oils that are produced by our skin while we sleep. And in the evening, it is essential because before going to bed we must remove our makeup, the previously applied sunscreen and the dirt that accumulated on our skin during the day.


Why is facial cleansing essential?

Dirt and makeup residue left on the facial skin can cause serious skin problems. These can contribute, for instance to the development of acne, inflammation and other skin irritations. If our skin is contaminated by harmful bacteria, even the most expensive products won’t be able to help our skin. The ingredients of cosmetics can only be properly absorbed by clean facial skin, so cleansing is the key to keeping our skin soft and healthy.

For a radiant complexion, it is recommended to introduce a daily skin care routine, which you can read about in our earlier blog post.


What should we clean our face with?

Unfortunately, using clean water is not enough, as it is not able to completely remove makeup residue, sunscreen and other contaminations.

Soapy water is not good either, as soaps usually have a high pH level and while it does remove skin impurities, it also removes certain beneficial substances (such as amino acids) as well. In addition, another problem with high pH is that plenty of harmful bacteria favor it.


Choose a gentle facial cleanser, like the Manuka Honey Refreshing Facial Wash, which is ideal for any skin types. Due to its foamy texture, it easily removes dirt and other impurities. In addition, the aromatic sweet orange in it provides an uplifting scent and detoxifies, while the willow bark extract deeply cleanses the pores, and the sesame oil and hibiscus extract softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin to make it look fresher and younger. If you want an even more thorough cleansing, you can also use a facial scrub 1-3 times a week.


If you have any questions about Wild Ferns cosmetics or skin care in general, feel free to ask them through this page and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.



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