5+1 reasons why you should use manuka honey skin care products

23/05/2021 19:00

We can choose from plenty skin care products on the domestic market, so with a little research we are sure to find products that meet our expectations in all aspects. High quality is of upmost importance for Wild Ferns, so only high quality, beneficial ingredients are included in their products. They are worth trying.

1. Products Inspired by New-Zealand

The unique Wild Ferns Manuka Honey skin care products are 100% made in New-Zealand and are inspired by the local, stunningly fresh nature. Accordingly, all the distinctive ingredients (e. g. manuka honey, geothermal, bee venom) come from the unique landscape of New Zealand.

2. They contain natural ingredients

They collected various natural ingredients that have beneficial effects on the skin, such as manuka honey, New-Zealand bee venom, rotorua mud, aloe vera, cherry blossom, coconut, green tea leaf, hazelnut, rosehip and shea butter.

3. Free from harmful ingredients

Wild Ferns products are free from sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and petroleum products, so the skin can breathe freely, and we will experience a truly positive change without having to worry about inflammation and the appearance of more acne.

4. Not Tested on Animals

You can use Manuka Honey products without remorse, as they are made without any animal experiments.

5. Eco-friendly Packaging

For Parrs Products, not only animal protection is important, but also the protection of the environment, so their products are presented in environmentally friendly packaging. Part of the manufacturer’s philosophy is that the most important ingredients always come from sustainable sources, so they support the preservation of New-Zealand’s pure, green and unique beauty.

 +1 The result is soft, youthful, and hydrated skin

The Wild Ferns manuka honey products that are now also available in Hungary include night cream, face wash, lip balm, eye cream, hand and nail cream, day cream, and facial scrub, which all help to keep the skin healthy and radiant over thirty, forty and fifty.



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