This is what manuka honey does to your skin

10/10/2021 19:00

If an entire product family is based on manuka honey, it certainly cannot be by chance. Manuka honey has lots of positive properties. It doesn’t matter if our skin type is normal, dry, oily or combination, using it regularly can do wonders to our skin, so it is definitely worth choosing manuka honey cosmetics with natural ingredients.

What exactly is manuka honey?

Manuka honey is often referred to as the queen of honeys. Manuka honey comes from the flowers of the manuka shrub, which is a tea tree that blooms in New Zealand. Its special feature is that it contains an enzyme that naturally produces hydrogen peroxide, which has antiseptic and antibacterial effects.

How does it affect the skin?

As manuka honey is also rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, it is suitable for nourishing, soothing and healing sensitive skin. The antioxidants in it neutralize the free radicals, which cause cellular damage to the skin, and they also help new cells grow, and tissues regenerate. In addition, manuka honey is a natural moisturizer, which prevents a significant decrease in skin moisture. Excellent both for treatment, as well as prevention.

For what problems is it recommended to use? For instance

- Acne: Due to its antibacterial properties, manuka inhibits the growth of bacteria in the pores. On the one hand it deeply cleanses and disinfects, and on the other hand, it reduces inflammation.
- Dry skin, eczema: Since it can bind moisture, it moisturizes the skin sufficiently, while protecting it from pathogens and infections, so the result will be soft and healthy skin.
- Wrinkles: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, the skin regains its natural elasticity. In addition, it helps to form new capillaries, and provides them with important nutrients, thus preventing the reduction of collagen levels.
- Minor skin damage, sunburn, scars: The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the antioxidants make it ideal for treating injuries, preventing infections and accelerating healing.

About Wild Ferns’ Manuka Honey products

All of our Wild Ferns manuka honey skin care product contains premium certified New Zealand manuka honey. The 80+ certificate on the Manuka Honey product range proves that it contains honey that has been tested under strict supervision to ensure that the honey is pure: the honey in each of the products have a pollen content of over 80%.



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